The 1st Year Academy is a multi-day program for all new associates and recent junior laterals. The program is an engaging mix of panels, round table discussions, and practical, hands-on workshops to enable new associates to get up to speed quickly. Associates take part in frank, no-holds barred discussions with mid-level associates and hear from firm leaders about the firm's strategic plan. Associates are encouraged to ask questions throughout the program.

Some of the most popular sessions of this three-day program are the hands-on labs. New associates work with senior associates to learn the best practices around typical first-year work. Whether they are delving into the intricacies of the attorney-client privilege, exploring the complexities of the due diligence process, or mastering the building blocks of securities filings—new associates enjoy learning from associates who have "been there, done that:"

This class will be extremely helpful when I do my own due diligence as it highlights issues I am going to come across and I will know more how to deal with them.

Best session so far because it was very interactive and practical. I applied what I learned immediately to an assignment I received the next day.

This was the best lab of the academy. It was very hands on and the explanations were always on point and with an emphasis on good legal practice.

Perhaps the most treasured outcome for all attendees is the chance to meet and get to know fellow first years. There is a comradery that is built in this program that can be seen two years later when the class gathers for the 3rd Year Academy. The associates reconnect several times a year, fostering a strong sense of community among the attorneys at WSGR.